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April 27, 2007



I had the opportunity to meet Beth as well,In chicago at Joes meet and greet and in Las Vegas. She was very kind to me and treated me with such respect and was very sweet. I am honored to have met her. I thought she was a fun ,energetic, sweet lady. I was shocked to learn that she had passed away.


I'm absolutely shocked and saddened to hear about Beth's passing. I was fortunate to meet her at a Joe Walsh Meet & Greet before the Eagles played Chicago in late 2003, and we communicated for some time after that. Beth was such a genuine person, so much fun, and so full of passion for everything she did. Mewsical, you're absolutely right, she was a rare, fantastic person, and she will be missed. Keep on rockin', Beth!


RIP Beth - See you 'on the corner' real soon !


I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Beth. I never had the honor of knowing her, but reading the above tributes as well as enjoying the site she helped build is enough to make me admire the woman. She sounds like a sweet lady, a loving daughter, and a wonderful friend.



I had the honor of working with Beth on the Carnival Ticket Sales Committee of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She was full of joy, always smiling, always willing to lend a helping hand, always encouraging. It saddens me to hear of her passing. This world has truly lost a special person.

To all her family, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.


To all of you that had an opportunity to know my daughter Beth I think you will know how important Rockphiles was to her. She truely believed " It's all about the music." The very last song I sang to her was Take It Easy. I know that Sally will continue to make the site interesting and timely. Love to all of you and remember to sing.

Jinelle Boyd

We are so saddened by the news that Beth lost her battle with cancer. Like so many others I'm sure, Beth and I struck up a friendship when was starting out...she was always so sweet and so genuine in her passion for music. It's not often in this business that you meet someone like Beth - and we're both better people for having known her. Sally, words cannot express how sorry we are for your loss. Just please know that we are here if you need anything at all.
Jinelle & Lucky Boyd


Anyone can be kind to a stranger when they want something, the true test of genuine kindness is what a person does when they not only dont know you, but dont seek anything in return. This God given kindness is what I will always remember about Beth, I "met" her through chatting on another message board, and it brings me joy to say I made her LOL a few times with some of the stupid, non-sensical things I used to post. In 2004, she was kind enough to ask me to join a group at an Eagles concert in Vegas. Along with Mewsical, we met for a grand lunch at the Commander's Palace restaurant at the Aladdin. Beth's inner warmth as a person was so evident to anyone who knew her. With a jazz combo playing in the background, and the taste of some gourmet cajun fare, we felt like we were on the Rue Bourbon. I'll never forget Beth ordered the alligator, and with it came her comment that it did, in fact, taste just like chicken. It was one of the few times in my life that I had been with 2 hot chicks and was not naked. After a bit of a struggle, Beth insisted on picking up the check for the meal, and she did it in a very graceful way. At the Eagles show at the MGM that nite, I take great credit in introducing Beth to the gin and tonic, which she quite fancied for awhile afterward. And in a fitting moment, the gods of the casino awarded Beth a nice slot jeckpot in the wee hours after the concert. It is too difficult to imagine why her bright light was cut short on this earth, but the beauty of her life carries on in the family and friends she left behind. Fly on miss.


Shine on you crazy diamond!


Amen! Beth was a special person, and a wonderful friend to all who knew her. We will all miss her very much! RIP Beth - fly on sweet angel.

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