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Sally Stevens

Eric, when "Paul"'s comment caught my eye on the Raccoon blog, I was very impressed with his incisive analysis, hence my reproducing it over here as part of my post. True, these are the same folks who used to, in the past, stand goggle-eyed and thrilled at the foot of the scaffold during the Tyburn days. They have not evolved much since then, obviously.


You have summed it so well Sally and I applaud you for putting into words my thoughts.
I do not believe these awful conspiracists, the Elm House fanatics and so on, give a flying stuff about children. If so they would be going hammer & tongs about the awful deprivations & neglect of children today which number in the tens of thousands in the UK alone who will be damaged, let alone the millions all over the world.
They are probably tapping out their ghastly pedo theories on Imacs built by slave children and walking on shoes made likewise by indentured child labour in Pakistan bought from High Street outlets.

In a sense they are perverts and dangerous ones at that. They are the ones who queued to see public hangings and lynchings.
What has happened of course is the internet has given them an outlet and some sort of legitimacy. In the past they spread gossip or sent Poison pen Letters and were only tempered by polite society in what they could get away with but the net has let them roam free, siting each other in a bizarre Round Robin world of pointing to each other's "evidence".

I bet none of them has ever actually walked the street and done the slightest bit of investigating and that includes the heroes of this world- the vile David Icke who has stolen ever idea he has never had (this creep was so well known in his days at the BBC as a rabid Thatcherite and only went Green when the Tories twigged him as a phoney) to the disgusting Chris Spivey.

Rabbit Away

Nice one Sally as always ! And well said 'Paul' too. Let's hope the bottom is dropping out of their cardboard bucket, it's about time ! x

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