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Sally Stevens

Karma bites - you should also have a look at this excellent blog http://jimcannotfixthis.blogspot.com/

and this one, maintained by another former Duncroft pupil


Karma bites

Oh the great Fiona. She needs to remember how old she was when she attended Duncroft and when the last series of Clunk Click was recorded. You will probably find that she wasn't a pupil when she claimed she was abused in HIS dressing room after a recording of the show. So much evidence to disprove so much of what she has said. MWT should have verified her D.O.B. I am sure if he had done his homework he might have realised that she couldn't have been there as she stated. Like to see her swear on oath to various claims and statements she has made. Too late now to put that to the test. Wish I had found this blog ages ago.

Moor Larkin

1979? Exposure quite clearly places it as a photo from 1974.

"Even if they are different people Fiona's story seems unbelievable anyway, just as she herself feared it would be. Nobody believed her in the past because originally she never told anyone, and now it seems more than possible that everyone she has told the story to since, has been told a different story. One thing about lies is that they are very hard to keep consistent, whereas the truth is, perhaps quite tediously, always the same."

Ellen Coulson

You forget Bebe - didn't she sell story! Yes got photo wrong but why was Dr Fiona M Scott-Johnston Jones cavorting with JS in a bikini anyway?

If he had not adopted her don't think Social Services would have allowed him to take her home from Duncroft and there is that infamous bio she sent out. At some point she was saying she had inherited his title!

How many e-mail addresses have we got for her - I can find 3 immediately!

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