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Sally Stevens

Here's the lyrics to Memphis, Tennessee:

Long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee
Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me
She could not leave her number, but I know who placed the call
'Cause my uncle took the message and he wrote it on the wall

Help me, information, get in touch with my Marie
She's the only one who'd phone me here from Memphis Tennessee
Her home is on the south side, high up on a ridge
Just a half a mile from the Mississippi Bridge

Help me, information, more than that I cannot add
Only that I miss her and all the fun we had
But we were pulled apart because her mom did not agree
And tore apart our happy home in Memphis Tennessee

Last time I saw Marie she's waving me good-bye
With hurry home drops on her cheek that trickled from her eye
Marie is only six years old, information please
Try to put me through to her in Memphis Tennessee

Rabbit Away

Always thought that song was about a girl friend - that'll teach me to listen moor - sooner or later folk will start fighting back against this insanity. The men behind yewtree have children/grandchildren, don't hey realise that they are making the world moor dangerous for kids now !

Sally Stevens

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5ezeUM6c74 - I always loved this Chuck Berry song that addressed child custody issues and a father's attempts to contact his daughter.

Rabbit Away

Listening to the song 'have you seen her' recently made me think of this issue ! How sad folk especially men now feel guilty for something entirely innocent. We are being brainwashed whether we like it or not -horrible !

Moor Larkin

Security at British schools became enhanced after the terrible Dunblane shooting incident. Fencing and such has now become of the high security variety in many locations. The fact that most child abuse occurs via parents or 'in-loco parentis' makes the current public hysteria not only unpleasant but completely irrelevant to the issue anyway.

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