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eric hardcastle

I've spent time in Cambodia but have always been very wary while I have been there unlike Vietnam or Thailand.

There are numerous Western so-called 'child protection' charities run by dubious people (and dozens of non-registered 'orphanages' run by Westerners).
It's not a country I would choose to live in as opposed to say Thailand.
The fact Glitter avoided more serious charges by paying the family of his accusers- quite legally- says much about the legal system. Corruption is so ingrained I always felt very uncomfortable there.

Whilst I have no idea of the validity of the Glitter convictions it's worried me that no other allegations have ever been leveled at him apart from the failed NoTW fiasco. He seems like an ultimate fall guy, not a entirely likeable persona. The way in which the British media hounded him from country to country after his initial porn conviction really was a disgrace, as indeed they have hounded him for no good reason on his return to the UK.
If the Cambodian convictions were valid then the UK media must share blame in them. It was they who have made it almost impossible for GG to live anywhere including Cuba & Vietnam.

Moor Larkin

[q] I am not in favor of the snobbish title of this thread, and the original poster is ticked off mildly, but it makes interesting reading. Why are working class people obsessed with paedophiles? [/q]

It's possibly worth noting that this paedo-panic is actually an obsession that journalists themselves have created, and it is the middle-brow press that is at the root of it. Nick Davies of The Guardian (lately the hero of the UK "Murdoch Hacking Scandal") was banging on about paedo-rings and there being millions of paedo-victims back as long ago as 1998.


Moor Larkin

Gary Glitter was actually found not guilty in a British court on the charge of activity with a 14 year-old. He became pilloried largely at the behest of Max Clifford, who boasts about this in his own biography. Max is now the biter bit of course, in another British court-room just now. From a blogpost mostly about Gary.

"He was also charged with having sex with an underage girl, Alison Brown, around 20 years earlier, when she was 14 years old. She had had a relationship with Glitter for some years. Glitter was acquitted of this charge. It was later revealed that Brown had sold her story to the News of the World and stood to earn more money from the newspaper should Glitter be convicted.

Sally Stevens

At this point in time, I'd put nothing past the British press.

He was jailed in Cambodia, right? I've corrected the post accordingly.

All these guys were brought into contact with under-age girls. They didn't have to go looking, there they were, in hordes. I'm sure that nobody was asking for proof of age, and I'm sure they still don't.

Maybe it should be a requirement that all girl babies born from here on out should have their date of birth tattoo'ed on them. That way, guys would know they were in Big Trouble!!



Gary Glitter spent time in jail in Vietnam, not Thailand and there is something of a question mark over whether those charges were brought about by British journalists bribing officials and paying a young girl to make a complaint.

I don't consider myself to be any kind of apologist for Glitter, but find it interesting that apart from the photos on his PC and the questionable accusation relating to Savile and Clunk Click there have never been any other charges or accusations against him in the UK to warrant his arch-paedophile status. Despite his fame in the 1970s that would have brought him into contact with many under-age girls.

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