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Cloudberry XXX

Fiona has won a bravery award.


Ellen Coulson

An ex Duncroft girl who was there in 1972 told me that she knew in 2007 that they (Fiona et al) were going to do this!

Ellen Coulson

Strange Fiona claims she was still in touch with Jimmy in 1979 - how did she stay in contact with him? Another negation of the abuse claims.

Moor Larkin

You're bang on the money Sally, and the Fiona thing would make quite a bang if any UK journalist had the guts to light the blue touch-paper.

"Back in 2010, the same Fiona Scott Johnston had been on Voy Forums, and as suggested by the tone of the Friends Reunited post, she seemed to have genial memories of her old school. On a Post dated 17th March 2010, amongst others comments Fiona Scott Johnston writes,

I also remember many other staff and have stayed in contact with staff from both Duncroft and Norman Lodge. I am sorry that Duncroft does not exist anymore but then we all grow old!!..... I hope things are going well for you and all ex-girls of this one time unique place.

Can Fiona Scott Johnston be the same Fiona as the one who quoted by the Daily Star, speaking of sexual assault? In my enquiries on the web, at first I made a mistake and suddenly noticed how very important is the right spelling."


Wow, Eric's piece sums the whole affair up very nicely. I'm going to send a link to everyone I know.

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