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Sally Stevens

Hi D - yes, the only national to run with this DNA/Scotland Yard story was the Mirror. Two papers from the north of England ran with it. Others are out there saying he was only exonerated of murder (don't know what they're talking about obviously), when in fact it exonerated him of involvement in ANY unsolved crime on the books. As there is no evidence that he committed any of the abuse he is accused of, except these 'victims' who are likely suffering from false memory syndrome, then I think we're done here with Savile the Great Satan. They're going to have to go find something else to sell their dreary newspapers.


I don't understand? The DNA results exonerate Jimmy Savile ???
Why have we not heard about this? Certainly no huge news break in the US! Isn't this incredible after all of the accusations, and the court of public opinion coming down so vehemently on a dead man? What's going on?

Moor Larkin

The Daily Mail holding company has a very successful news website.
I noticed the other week that when running a story about the "Bill Roache story", they actually ran a headline referring to Linus Roache, rather than Bill. Linus, his son, is successful over there in some cop show I believe. This demonstrates how a small national news outlet is marketing the news to the world in differing ways. The "Bill Roache" story really has absolutely nothing to do with Linus in any meaningful sense. This global village news aspect made me think that the revived Woody Allen stories are no doubt being influenced by the global moral panic going on over here.

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