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Moor Larkin

What was even more shocking Sally was the way the British media seemed to suppress the news that this had ever happened. As you know I have been following the post-Savile "paedo-fever" in the UK very closely and there seems no way I would have missed such a terrible event if it had been widely reported in July when it happened. The first I knew of it was the reports of the murderers being found guilty in October.

Throughout the summer the news media here have been feasting on alleged "celebrity-paedophilia" stories. The media clearly didn't want to queer their pitch with such a salutary story of where this sort of media madness leads, out on the street.

The 1930's case of the Alabama Scottsboro Boys has been remembered over here recently. It was memorialised in terms of the lessons learned about racial equality. What was not so well memorialised was that that terrible case all began because of allegations of sexual assault. It can only be prayed that some good can also arise in the end from the dreadful state of public affairs and the British judiciary over here just now that has led to the obscene slaughter of a man being set on fire in a modern British housing development. Mary Poppins it aint.

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