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Account Deleted

Hi, my friend, very well written article!

Firoz Bharucha

This is a very different account from the one Danny Sugerman gives in No One Here Gets Out Alive. I prefer this one though. Its more human whereas the other one is more like an account of an awestruck fan seeing an infallible hero. I'm sure you'd still consider your interactions with Jim some of the high points of your life. Very well written. As is often said genius is best when it is flawed.

sally stevens

Thanks, PC. I'm persona non grata at the Doors board, btw. No explanation. Not so at Densmore, but I've been busy getting this written and working on other stuff as well.


Thank You for writing this Sally, really enjoyed it! Haven't seen you around the Doors forum in quite a while :(

Glenn B.


Forgive me, as I have always known that you and Salli Stevenson are two different people. My neurons/wires got crossed when I read the caption for Jim editing the Circus magazine article and had temporary amnesia. Sorry about that.



What a fascinating read. From all accounts, Jim seemed to be 2 different people, depending on the situation, but most agree that he was an intelligent, well-mannered gentleman with an unlimited supply of genuine talent. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!

sally stevens

Thanks, Glenn. I wanted to portray Jim in as honest a fashion as I could.

Glenn B.

Bravo Sally! Well done. I've always wished that you would put your remembrances into print. It's these types of stories, anecdotes, and literary color that make the black and white come to life. All of us who wonder what the man was truely like get a little closer to the truth with reading these words, almost as if we could go back in time and spend a day with him.

I think that's what most fans really want, a way to get to the core of who he was, beyond the publicity machine. Although he was many things to many people, your forthright account of those days are gold, and solidify the image that some of us have of him as a good and decent person, who has flaws, but would be someone you could call "friend".

I genuinely look forward to your postings here and abroad.



sally stevens

He had plans to do a movie with Fred Myrow doing the score, and a chateau in the French countryside had apparently been rented so that he and Fred could work there. Fred had actually purchased his airline ticket to France when he found out that Jim had died. As far as the storyline, neither Fred nor Jim are here to tell us. But, yes, he was done with the Doors. He never mentioned any future plans with them to me, only talked about his writing plans and film plans, and his future with Pam.


what kind of films was he planning, this proves he was done with the doors.

Carmen Hernandez-Ochoa

'After life's fitful fever he sleeps well'
King Lear

sally stevens

That's what I've always thought. Jim was a decent guy, let alone a tremendous talent.


What a sad ending.

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