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sally stevens

I first met him in September 1969, and then we caught up again in around October 1970. He died in July 1971. I think that period of his life was significant in many ways, not just a friendship with me.

Kyle Wegner

Wow, not until 1970!? So you developed a relationship with Jim quickly and only over a six or seven month period? Is that right? It seems amazing how many people he seems to have touched in such a short period of time. I don't mean to say it's not possible that he did this only that it seems uncommon. Thanks for writing about your experiences. What a fantastical time to have been around the LA music scene.

sally stevens

Thanks, Kyle. Fixing the typos! I didn't even start work at Elektra until August 1970!

Kyle Wegner

This post says the party at Elektra was in March 1970 and the next post says it was the last time you saw Jim, as he left for Paris. But what about the rest of 1970? I thought Jim left for Paris around March of 1971.


Interesting, what kind of films was Jim planning, I think that is so cool.

Will Yaryan

I'd just started at Atlantic when the Palm Springs convention was held and I remember Ahmet saying that Diane was one of his "ears" on the west coast and I should take care of her. I had seen her at events with John Carpenter and thought they were an item, so I booked them a room together. Which did not go over well with either of them. But the music was great!

Patrick Ney

Great stuff very down to earth! Was the pic of themis from then or just the location more recently? Sometimes I'm over there and think about all the Doors history in that one block/area.

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