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Ellen Coulson

Hopefully all liars will be prosecuted even if they have not claimed against the Estate. Some lies are so easy to prove!

Moor Larkin

* Consider the source, all ye bold enforcers of the law. Does a leopard really change its spots? *

There is good reason to believe that most of the litigants in the "historical abuse" cases are ex-cons of one sort or another. You will also often find they have a background of drug or alcohol abuse. Their backgrounds feed into the myth of course, because their abuse made them behave that way.

The main reason for suspicion on the issue is not that ex-cons are always liars, but rather that lawyers have actively recruited for Allegators in prisons and in their adverts "promise" that 90% of claims will never have to go to court. In other words, "make allegations and you will not even be tested"

David Rose has a background in this area of malpractice and I suspect that is a big driver for him personally. This magazine pdf is engrossing about the bigger picture


Rabbit Away

Nice one Sally ! Thank goodness for the ex-Duncroft gals. The ones who know the truth and aren't afraid to tell it that is !

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