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Rabbit Away

Cliff did fly back to the UK and speak to Police but is back in Portugal now. That's according to this article in the Daily Mail

Moor Larkin

This whole "historic allegations" nonsense has been fuelled via the internet, as I know that you are only too aware of, from the years of Duncroft scheming you became privy to. In that sense, this is the pattern. There have been internet mumblings about Cliff for several years, with photographs of him with Bob Boothby etc as "evidence" about him. It is the "joining of dots" writ large. There are even more outrageous conspiranoid ramblings about ex-UK-PM Ted Heath. He's long dead but the mainstream media have chosen to never pillory him publicly, but of course the dead Liberal eccentric MP Cyril Smith has been duly turned over as a "paedo" instead.

The collective loss of rationality by the UK judicial and political authorities is what lies behind all of this. As soon as Operation Yewtree felt able to state Jimmy Savile was guilty of crime, then the gates were opened for anyone to "allegate" anything. All you need is some internet steam, a willingly gullible police authority and the CPS state-lawyers will play the game too. Read all about it. In that sense the medi are just the Propaganda Dept..

I hope Cliff can be instrumental in destroying this ugliness that the UK system has spawned.

The play that the film Serious Charge was based on, revolved around a false accusation of homosexual assault by a vicar upon a "tearaway". Patrick McGoohan made his theatrical name in London in 1955, playing the vicar, as it happens.

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