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Moor Larkin

"I really don't know where one can go with this sort of thing. It's a complete civic nightmare that False Memory Syndrome is being exploited by the most senior and authoritative people in the UK used to drive our judicial processes. "


It may be that False Memory Syndrome is a factor in Woody Allen's current woes, and it seems likely that it also affected Michael Le Vell's accuser.

Sally Stevens

Thank you, Eric. Wasn't aware of that fact, but obviously makes things worse for MWT's credibility. He's an cyberambulance-chaser, and worse, he's not remotely qualified to deal with such serious issues as allegations of child abuse. If he's smart, he'll hire a damage-control public relations expert.

I'm further concerned about the refusal to respond to the FOI request, andabout the denial of habeas corpus rights to Freddie Starr.

I've been recently accused of being a 'paedo supporter,' which couldn't be further from the truth, but I cannot support this witch hunt.

eric hardcastle

Good article but one point : I believe Mark Williams-Thomas was asked by the McCann family via their solicitors to cease inferring that he was working for them.

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