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Sally Stevens

Nice to know that they are not going to roll over and play dead. Good luck to Ellen and the Trust. Like you said, unfortunate that charities can't benefit, but the truth needs to come out in a court proceeding, whatever that truth might be.

Moor Larkin

Just wanted to be sure. Thanks. Ellen seems to have some association with the family/Trust Fund. As I understand what has been posted they are legally contesting the claims being made against Savile's money left to his Trust; and they are very serious as it is said they have already committed around £300k to preparatory court proceedings.

Jimmy's money may protect his reputation after all, but I would guess he'd have preferred the paralysed patients to have had the benefit.


Sally Stevens

Yes, Moor, that is me. Btw, the 70sDuncroft persona is a little bent out of shape about this latest post, and are now threatening to blow this gossip up into another witch-hunt. I think the required link is available at the Raccoon site. I really think this is just Fiona talking to herself.

Moor Larkin

Did you know you are visiting my blog and leaving comments on that particular blog-post just now?
As someone called Moor Laine... ;-)

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