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Sally Stevens

This is very true and glad you said it. I hope that any Duncroft women who review this blog will give it some serious thought.

Moor Larkin

One thing that has occurred to me is that the Duncroft allegations were pretty small fry, until they began to be embellished.

Even taking those original allegations about intimate touching as true, they were, by their own admission consenting/playing games. Given that they never alleged any major assault by Savile at that time, then what was was going on could have been seen as just evidence of their own burgeoning sexual maturing, misdirected towards a man who might have been expected to know better.

Regardless of what Savile's behaviour may or may not have been, one sad thing is that these grown women now seem to have been convinced by puritannical men that their behaviour was so "wrong" that they have to be victims in order to be forgiven.

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